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As Cathleen Lane stood on the mountain summit where Venezuela ends and the Brazilian rainforest begins, she looked out over the jungle and recalled the incredible journey that brought her to this place. You see, prior to hiking up the mountain, she flew in a mail plane, landed on a dirt runway, and rode in a truck full of miners to an Indian village at 4 a.m., all for a chance to experience this extraordinary scenery. But Cathleen would not have it any other way. For her, truly living means going off the beaten path to discover every opportunity the world has to offer.

A Growing Desire
Growing up in a small Connecticut beach town, Cathleen always had a desire to see the world. This passion only grew stronger when her family hosted a Mexican exchange student. Cathleen immediately began studying Spanish and looking for opportunities to travel abroad. To date, she has lived, worked, and/or studied in over 40 countries.

International Knowledge
With her worldly experiences, it seemed only natural for Cathleen to pursue a profession that granted her the opportunity to work with people across the globe. After earning a full scholarship to Northeastern University and receiving an MBA, she began a successful career as an International Business Director for the world’s fourth largest greeting card company. While Cathleen’s business savvy was a huge asset to her profession, her greatest strength was one she honed through her world travels. Her ability to develop relationships with people from all walks of life proved to be invaluable both personally and professionally.

A Wealth of Experience
Cathleen’s wealth of experience is also the driving force behind her career as a leading real estate professional. She relishes the opportunity to share her diverse knowledge when assisting others buy or sell a home. Whether using the negotiation skills she developed in international business or sharing her expertise of the local market, Cathleen is determined to help her clients reach their goals.

Also, having encountered many different people and places around the world, Cathleen is able to adapt quickly to any situation. She strives to understand the needs of her clients and discover exactly what they are trying to accomplish. Then, this motivated woman works tirelessly to make those goals happen.

Count on Experience
For your next move, you deserve the support of a professional with the expertise to help you make the most of every opportunity. When you are ready to buy or sell a home, count on A World of Experience. Count on Cathleen Lane. Call her today.

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